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Tianchang Mr Wei mechanical and electrical equipment co., LTD is a production of food machinery、Chemical machinery、Starch machinery、Pump valve and other supporting products professional enterprise,My company is located in anhui eastern gate,Adjacent to jiangsu yangzhou city,The city of nanjing。The jian town economic development zone, the company is located in tianchang branchesBArea adjacent to the long highway exports,The traffic is very convenient。 My company technical force is abundant,Quality assurance system,Test facilities,Advanced production technology. The main products are: CNC plasma cutting machine,Flame CNC plasma cutting machine,Water mist CNC plasma cutting machine,Starch equipment:Potatoes pump、Screw conveyor、Washing machine potatoes、In addition to the stone machine、File...
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The ground  The address:Anhui tianchang sent jian economic development zoneBArea
Contacts:Zheng-hua Chen   13855034999
The electricity  Words:0550-7027288
Pass  The true:0550-2390770

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