Company profile
Companies focus on smart card/Application technology、Biometric identification technology、Fingerprint and face/Identify application technology research, etc,The registered capital3000Wan。 Xiamen city heavy electronic technology co., LTD. Has been committed to intelligent authentication terminals、The second generation id card system card equipment、Smart card equipment manufacturing and application software research and development、Innovation,At the same time providing customers with solutions identification field,Is a collection research and development、Production、Sales、Service in the integration of high-tech enterprises。
The key product recommendations

Hotel self-service terminals

Product model:XZSJD-001
Intelligence service terminal system fusion face recognition、Id card reader、ICThe card reader、Send and receive card machine、Camera、PO...

Id photos for all-in-one PC buffet

Product model:
Id self-help photos for all-in-one PC is the collection id automatically apply for、Business review as one of the self-service terminals...

3 p and convenient service terminal

Product model:XZ-SSP-210
3 p and convenient service terminal system brings together take photos、Self-help registration、Self-service id card business is dealt with three mode greatly...